8 essential kitchen tools for the home chef

8 Essential Kitchen tools for the home chef

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Having the right tools in the kitchen can make the preparation much easier and sometimes a little more fun too. I’ve compiled a list of  8 essential kitchen tools for making healthy food and to help make your kitchen experience simpler.

8 essential kitchen tools for the home chef

In my kitchen, we cook a lot of Plant-based food. It really isn’t hard especially once you get the hang of new ingredients and cooking techniques. One thing that helps me a lot in the kitchen is having the right tools on hand to make everything easier.

Essential kitchen tools

So here are the 8 essential kitchen tools for the home chef.

High-speed blender

Blend Tec High Speed Blender

A high-speed blender is a great investment. You can use it to make smoothies, smoothie bowls, soups, sauces, and plant milk. I use mine regularly to make my Alfredo pasta sauce and the sauce for my Mac and Cheese and of course all kinds of smoothies.

Having a high-speed blender is so handy because I often use nuts or seeds as a base for creamy sauces and soups. I picked the Blend Tec after going through five low-priced blenders in five years. Now all my smoothies, sauces, and soups are so smooth and delicious and the Blend Tec shows no signs of giving up any time soon.

Food processor

Food Processor

Ok, is it really necessary to have both a high-speed blender and a food processor? My answer is yes, absolutely! You see, they have different roles in the food preparation process. A blender blends things fully into a liquid while the food processor breaks things down and combines them.

While a blender is great for things like soups, smoothies, and sauces, a food processor is amazing for chopping nuts, making flour from grains or nuts, breaking down chickpeas for falafels, and to make hummus and chunkier sauces and dips that don’t need to be fully liquidized.

Food processors come in all shapes and sizes with various different functions. You can get small simple ones or even large ones that have different blades that can slices and shred. This little food processor has served us quite well, it comes in a set with the bowl, the hand blender, and an electric whisk which we use very regularly to whip some double cream for our hot chocolate.

Lemon squeezer

Lemon squeezer tool

I know what you’re going to say and yes, I know you can squeeze a lemon with your hands but I can’t. I actually have a contact allergy that is affected by citrus fruits and that is why I love my lemon squeezer. Plus, have you ever squeezed lemon and then poked your eye? Just saying!

Once I found this lemon squeezer, my life with lemons completely changed and it is without a doubt one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

Tofu press

Tofu Press

If you cook a lot of tofu you might want to consider getting a tofu press. Well pressed tofu gives you such great textured tofu and makes everything a little bit easier.

I cook a lot of tofu. At least once or twice a week and although, I mostly buy tofu that doesn’t need to be pressed I sometimes have to get other brands that need pressing. So a good tofu press is truly needed. With a tofu press, you can quickly press all the water out of a block of tofu without a whole lot of mess or hassle.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot

I’ll admit, an Instant Pot isn’t really a must but it’s a very helpful tool for a plant-based kitchen. I absolutely LOVE my Instant Pot.

It’s such a versatile tool. It’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker all in one. I use mine to make soups, curries, cook rice, and cuts the cooking time of dried beans to an absolute minimum.

It makes cooking recipes like my Moroccan Chickpea Tagine a breeze and I also love making curries like my Dal Tadka in the Instant Pot.

Steamer basket

Kitchen tools - Steamer basket

A steamer basket is a simple little gadget that can make all the difference. Steamer baskets are a great way to cook vegetables. Steaming vegetables is one of the best methods to preserve easily damaged nutrients, such as vitamin C and many B vitamins. Since vegetables don’t come in contact with cooking water during steaming, more vitamins are retained.

Stand mixer

Essential kitchen tools - Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

If you love baking you might want to invest in a good stand mixer. Having a stand mixer makes everything easier when it comes to baking. From making pizza doughs to decadent cakes or even making seitan a stand mixer will save your hands from all the heavy work.

I personally love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, it’s such a classic piece and looks so good on the kitchen counter. There’s nothing that it can’t handle.

Electric kettle

Kitchen tools - Electric kettle

And last but not least. Let’s face it! The most used kitchen tool in most households is the electric kettle. The electric kettle in my household holds a full-time job preparing hot water for all kinds of things, teas, hot cocoa, soups, to get the pasta water to boil faster and to mix in sauces. And yes, this is my kitchen in the kitchen, and no, I didn’t tidy up that corner of the kitchen you can see in the reflection!

I hope you enjoyed these lovely kitchen tools! Happy cooking!

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